EAST presents at Vigie Billet meeting

EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn gave a presentation at the General Assembly of Vigie Billet at the offices of the French Banking Federation (FBF) in Paris on Thursday 30 November 2017.  Presentations were also given by the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (Central Office Against Organised Crime – OCLO), the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (Central Office Against Itinerant Criminals – OCLDI), the Bank of France, the National Institute of Scientific Police (INPS), the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) and the French Association of ATM Providers (AFPAB).

The EAST presentation gave an overview of the latest European crime statistics as published in the most recent European Payment Terminal Crime Report covering the first six months of 2017.

Vigie Billet is a non-profit association created to educate the public and especially retailers of the risks associated with accepting and circulating stained banknotes.  Typically the banknotes are stained by an intelligent banknote neutralisation system (IBNS) which marks all the cash as stolen using a degradation agent when an attempted attack on the system is detected. Ink is a popular agent, which functions by staining cash with a permanent dye. Such marked money is highly conspicuous and cannot be readily used.

Similar initiatives to Vigie Billet outside France are covered by Banknote Watch.



EAST Expert Group on ATM Physical Attacks holds Third Meeting

The EAST Expert Group on ATM Physical Attacks - LogoThe third meeting of the EAST Expert Group on ATM Physical Attacks (EGAP) took place on Thursday 12th March 2015, hosted by the LINK ATM Scheme in London.

EAST EGAP is a European specialist expert forum for discussion of ATM related physical attack trends, attack methodologies and counter-measures, threat protection, and for the provision of regularly updated lists of known counter-measures.

The EAST EGAP meeting was chaired by Mr Graham Mott and was attended by key representatives from ATM Deployers, ATM Networks, ATM Vendors, Security Equipment Vendors, Specialist Consultants and Law Enforcement.

EAST EGAP, which meets two to three times each year, enables in-depth and technical discussion to take place. The areas covered include:

  • The latest incidents and criminal MOs
  • The collection and distribution of best practice guidelines
  • The evolution of threats and counter-measures
  • Lessons from and on law enforcement

The focus of EAST EGAP is on topics and issues raised by EAST National Members, which represent 29 countries with an installed base of 639,379 ATMs. Outputs from EAST EGAP are presented to meetings of EAST National Members.