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EAST participates in Europol’s AG-Financial Services

EAST Development Director Rui Carvalho participated in and presented at a meeting of Europol’s Advisory Group on Financial Services (AG-Financial Services) on 20th June 2019.  The meeting was held at Europol’s HQ in The Hague.  The AG-Financial Services advises the Programme Board of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol. Its purpose is to:

  • bring knowledge and expertise to the Programme Board on the impact of cybercrime on financial services and on how this sector and law enforcement can cooperate in the prevention and combating of cybercrime;
  • update and share all relevant information and expertise on developments in the area of cybercrime that affect financial services;
  • assist the Programme Board in defining priorities for the work of EC3 in this area, including by advising on the cooperation with the financial services and on developing concepts for enhanced prevention;
  • advise the Programme Board on increasing the sharing/exchange of information between law enforcement and financial services

Rui Carvalho is also Chair of the EAST Payments Task Force (EPTF) which has great synergy with AG- Financial Services in that its remit, as a public-private sector expert working group, covers the impact of cybercrime on financial services.  Going forwards he will share updates from the EPTF at future meetings of the AG-Financial Services.


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