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EAST presents at EUCPN / Europol Conference on Prevention of ATM Physical Attacks

EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn, representing the EAST Expert Group on ATM and ATS Physical Attacks (EAST EGAP), presented at a conference on the prevention of ATM physical attacks co-organised by the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) and Europol.  The event, attended by experts from law enforcement and the private sector, was held in Brussels on 22/23 January 2019.

ATM Physical AttacksThe focus of the conference was on the sharing of experiences, insights and best practices with a view to preventing these types of attack on ATMs.  Of particular concern were explosive gas and solid explosive attacks.  An overview of the current situation was built up and then in-depth workshops were held to consider ATM Physical Attack prevention before, during and after an attack.

As a result of the conference the EUCPN and Europol will prepare a paper on the most effective measures that can be used to prevent or deter ATM Physical attacks.

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