EAST presents at NCR Fraud & Security Summit

Fraud & Security SummitEAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn presented at the 5th Annual NCR Fraud & Security Summit, held in London on 9th October 2017.  The event allowed security experts from around the world to share experiences and information on a wide array of security topics such as emerging threats, trends, solutions and innovations.

Lachlan Gunn (pictured on the right with NCR’s Charlie Harrow) gave an overview of EAST and its new structure, before delivering an update on the payment fraud and crime situation in Europe.  He referred to statistics from EAST’s recently published European Payment Terminal Crime Report which highlighted a significant increase in logical (black box) attacks.

The Agenda included presentations that covered NCR’s Security Startegy, expanding logical protection to the Network, contactless and new technologies, protecting ATMs from physical attacks, ATM attack trends and an update on the new NCR 80 Series ATMs.

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