EAST publishes ATM Physical Security Guidelines

ATM Physical Security GuidelinesEAST has published a document entitled ‘ATM Physical Security Guidelines.’

These Guidelines have been put together by members of the EAST Expert Group on ATM Physical Attacks (EGAP).

An ATM physical attack is defined as one where the criminals’ aim is obtain the cash from within the ATM, either entirely or partially, through a breach in the safe or ATM’s mechanism, or as it is being delivered.  It excludes attacks which are aimed getting relatively small amounts of cash such as cash trapping and also system attacks where the ATM does un-authorised transactions and functions, for example malware or system penetration.  These would be classed as “Fraud”.

ATM Physical attacks come in three main categories, Ram Raid, ATM Burglary and Robbery (ATM replenishment attack).

The document, which is designed to help ATM operators, ATM network operators and Law Enforcement, covers three main themes for the various physical attack types:

  • Identification
  • Advice for Police and Law Enforcement attending the scene
  • Prevention

These ATM Physical Security Guidelines are available for download on the EAST Intranet to EAST members (National and Associate), and there is a version available for wider circulation.  EAST Associate Membership is free for Law Enforcement Officers.

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