EAST publishes Guidelines for recovering fraud devices at an ATM fraud crime scene

General Advice for Industry and Law Enforcement Recovering Fraud Devices at an ATM Fraud Crime SceneThe European ATM Security Team (EAST) has published a document entitled ‘General Advice for Industry and Law Enforcement – Recovering Fraud Devices at an ATM Fraud Crime Scene’

These Guidelines have been put together by EAST National Members from the UK and the Netherlands, assisted by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, the Gendarmerie National/IRCGN of France and the German BKA Experts.

Fraud at ATMs, such as skimming, card entrapment, cash trapping, and transaction reversal fraud has been evolving since the first ATM’s appeared.  To over-rule deployed anti-fraud measures criminals continue to test and produce new types of fraudulent devices.  Retrieving such devices is therefore important for the industry and law enforcement.  Seized devices:

  • Give insight into the evolving criminal modus operandi, and give the industry opportunities to find counter measures.
  • Provide evidence for law enforcement and highlight different techniques used by international fraud schemes.

For this reason EAST has produced these Guidelines for Industry and Law Enforcement on how to properly secure fraudulent equipment found on ATMs; (i.e. card skimmers, card entrapment devices and cash trapping devices).  Proper seizure and examination of such equipment reduces the likelihood of the contamination, or even complete destruction, of evidence and criminal data.  A lack of sufficient evidence can often lead to Law Enforcement not being able to detain and prosecute perpetrators responsible for such fraud.

These Guidelines are available for download on the EAST Intranet to EAST members (National and Associate).  EAST Associate Membership is free for Law Enforcement Officers.

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