Europol publishes Italian version of guidance and recommendations to help counter logical attacks on ATMs

ATM Malware Guidelines - ItalianEuropol has just published an Italian language version of the guidelines to help industry and law enforcement counter the threat presented by ATM logical and malware attacks.  The English version of the document was officially launched in June 2015 at the EAST Financial Crime & Security (FCS) Forum – EAST FCS 2015 – and versions have also been published in German and Spanish.

The production of this document was coordinated by the EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud (EGAF), and it is a first of its kind.

The document is a great example of a coordinated central response from both Law Enforcement and the industry to fighting ATM malware threats in an effort to respond much more quickly than was the case with the card skimming threat when it first materialised.

Circulation of the document is restricted to Law Enforcement and to the banking and payments industry, which includes EAST Members (National and Associate).

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