ATM Logical Attack GuidelinesEuropol has just published a Russian language version of guidelines to help industry and law enforcement counter the ATM Logical Attack threat.  The English version of the document was officially launched in January 2019 at the 17th Meeting of the EAST Expert Group on All Terminal Fraud (EAST EGAF).  The document is now available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The production of this document was coordinated by EAST EGAF.  It has three sections:

  1. Description of Modi Operandi (ОПИСАНИЕ CПОСОБОВ РЕАЛИЗАЦИИ АТАК)
  2. Mitigating the risk of ATM Logical and Malware Attacks, Setting up Lines of Defence (МИНИМИЗАЦИЯ РИСКА ЛОГИЧЕСКИХ АТАК И АТАК С ПРИМЕНЕНИЕМ ВРЕДОНОСНОГО ПО, УСТАНОВКА ЛИНИЙ ЗАЩИТЫ)
  3. Identifying and responding  to Logical and Malware Attacks (ИДЕНТИФИКАЦИЯ И РЕАГИРОВАНИЕ НА ЛОГИЧЕСКИЕ АТАКИ)

The Guidelines were first published in 2015 and this latest version provides clearer definitions and greater clarity of the criminal methods and techniques encountered in these attacks, along with more detailed recommendations on how to mount a robust and effective response to them.  The recent fall in ATM malware and logical attacks, as reported by EAST in the latest European Payment Terminal Crime Report published in October 2019, reflects the work that has been put into preventing such attacks by the industry and law enforcement.

Circulation of the document is restricted to Law Enforcement and to the banking and payments industry, which includes EAST Members (National and Associate).