EAST POLL September to December 2018

Payment Convenience


From May to August 2015 EAST ran a poll which asked what impact contactless transactions would have on cash withdrawals and payments. 52% of the respondents felt that the impact would be significant, 38% felt the impact would be limited, 7% felt that it could lead to the demise of cash and just 3% felt there would be no impact!

Since then contactless transactions have become increasingly common in many markets with cardholders enjoying faster payments and the ability to pay how they want, either using a card, or NFC if their smartphone has the required app. The ability to Tap & Go is convenient for both cardholders and retailers. As no PIN is required for a contactless transaction (up to the floor limit allowed in the market), there are risks if a contactless card or NFC enabled device is lost or stolen. .

Do you have a view on PIN usage in contactless transactions? If so, take the poll below.


What is most important to you when making a contactless transaction?

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Your opinion counts; Through these research polls EAST regularly seeks to generate insight and opinion from members and non-members on a range of Payment and Terminal security and related issues.

Please check back regularly to share your views. Contact us if you would like to pass additional feedback to EAST on this topic.  Past poll results are in the file below.

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