EAST POLL September to December 2019

Biometric ATMs


Would you use a biometric solution to authorise an ATM transaction?

Biometric ATMs are well established in Japan, where tens of thousands are in operation, and their usage is spreading in other countries – banks in Hong Kong, Qatar, Poland, South Africa and Taiwan are also deploying the technology. A common system is ‘finger vein’ identification technology. The transaction is authorised by a finger scan, rather than by entering a PIN.

In 2010 EAST ran a poll asking for views on this technology. 50% of the respondents said that they would not use such technology due to concerns about personal data privacy, 27% were happy to use such technology and 23% would only use such technology after full explanation as to how their personal data will be held and controlled.

The finger vein technology maps the internal vein system within a finger, and will only accept a living finger, meaning that authentication requires the customer to be present in person each and every time.

Would you be comfortable to have your finger scanned for this purpose? Take the poll to express your view.?


If ‘finger vein’ biometric technology was on an ATM?

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Your opinion counts; Through these research polls EAST regularly seeks to generate insight and opinion from members and non-members on a range of Payment and Terminal security and related issues.

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