EAST Terminal Fraud Definitions are now available in the Russian language.  At the end of 2018 EAST upgraded its Terminal Fraud Definitions to illustrate what the criminal target outcome is for each fraud type.  In the upgraded definitions each applicable criminal benefit is highlighted next to each terminal fraud type.

The translation was carried out by two EAST National Member organisations – the Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association “EMA”  and the MasterCard Members Association (MCMA).

These fraud definitions are used by EAST when issuing Fraud Alerts, or when compiling the statistics and other information for European Payment Terminal Reports and Fraud Updates.  The aim is for these Terminal Fraud Definitions, as well as the related criminal benefits, to be adopted globally when describing or reporting payment terminal fraud.  This translation into Russian is another step forward towards achieving this.

Below is the  definition for Card Skimming in the Russian language.

The definitions have been classified ‘WHITE’ under the terms of the EAST Information Security Policy and may be shared freely, subject to standard copyright rules.


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Both the English and Russian versions of the document are available from the Terminal Fraud Definitions page on this website