4 May, 21

Viewpoint: How Covid-19 is affecting cash usage

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact on how people live their...

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17 December, 20

Viewpoint: Covid-19, Cash, and the future of payments

Covid-19 (coronavirus) has had a huge impact on our lives and...

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12 November, 20

EPTF holds Eighth Meeting

The Eighth Meeting of the EAST Payments...

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29 June, 20

The Future of ATMs

EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn presented at a webinar on the...

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30 April, 20

How COVID-19 will impact Organised Crime in the EU

Europol has just published a new report...

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27 April, 20

EPTF holds Seventh Meeting

The Seventh Meeting of the EAST Payments...

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26 March, 20

COVID-19 - Cybersecurity Awareness

The coronavirus outbreak is still a rising issue for many countries...

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