Terminal Fraud Update – EAST FCS Seminars 2019

Terminal Fraud

Act now to save your place for the Terminal Fraud Seminar that will be held by the EAST Expert Group on All Terminal Fraud (EGAF) on 9th October 2019.


This session will focus on logical attacks against ATMs. These can be split into two types – black box attacks and malware attacks.

Terminal FraudEAST EGAF Chair, Otto de Jong of ING Bank, will first present on black box attacks. These are a type of jackpotting attack. The criminals connect an unauthorised device (or black box) which sends dispense commands directly to the ATM cash dispenser in order to ‘Cash-Out’ the ATM. He will cover the latest developments for this type of attack methodology.

Terminal FraudThen Terence Devereux of Diebold Nixdorf will present an update on malware attacks. For these attacks the criminals use unauthorised software, or authorised software run in an unauthorised manner, on the ATM’s PC. These attacks are focussed on either jackpotting (most common), or card skimming, as follows:

  • Jackpotting: Targets control of the cash dispense function in order to ‘cash-out’ the ATM
  • Man-In-The-Middle (MitM): Targets communication between the ATM’s PC and the acquirer host system in order to falsify host responses and dispense cash without debiting the criminal’s account
  • SW-Skimming: Targets card and PIN data in order to create counterfeit cards for subsequent fraudulent transactions

This interactive event follows the basic structure of EAST EGAF Member meetings. Attendance at EAST EGAF meetings is limited, as it is a working group, and this event enables a wider participation and the opportunity for all attendees to engage with the Group and its organizers.

Terminal Fraud

The EAST FCS Seminars will be co-located with RBR’s ATM & Cyber Security 2019 event, although separate registration is required.

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