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Cennox is a global brand in security services with major operations in Europe, the UK & US. Operating at the cutting edge of ATM protection & innovation, our customers enjoy our full portfolio of the latest technologies, designed to protect branches, card terminals & ATMs.

Diebold Nixdorf.  Diebold Nixdorf stands for competitve processes and efficient workflow at bank branches and retail outlets.  For both, Diebold Nixdorf’s aim is to reshape processes, especially at the interface with the customer, through the use of information technology.  To support the process of change, we offer a comprehensive range of IT-based solutions to our customers in both sectors.

GMV has over 35 years collaborating with major banks to digitize their business, gearing it toward online consumers demanding mobility, flexibility, transparency, and digital security. Checker helps the ATM community worldwide to achieve the best possible cyber protection for large multi-vendor ATM estates, providing excellent support service and a firm commitment to react quickly and effectively to emerging threats worldwide.

OBERTHUR CASH PROTECTION designs and manufactures intelligent cash protection security solutions for the global Cash-In-Transit, ATM & Retail markets. OCP use Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems technology, IBNS, to deter attacks – protecting the cash by indelibly marking it as stolen thereby rendering it valueless.

MIB has been active in the development of security systems for ATMs and banking automation for over 40 years. MIB devices integrate IBNS, anti-gas, anti-explosive and anti-black box, anti-jackpotting systems designed by observing and anticipating the evolution of criminal techniques. To date more than 80 patents have been registered in EU and USA.

NCR Atleos is a leader in ATMs, self-checkouts and other self- and assisted-service solutions, in over 100 countries. NCR Atleos has been the global number 1 ATM manufacturer for 23 years and is global leader in multi-vendor ATM software. NCR Atleo’s software, hardware, consulting and support services help organizations in financial and other industries interact with consumers across multiple channels.

Out of our 35 years’ experience in ATM and banking security was born Smartstain – world’s most advanced ATM’s protection staining system (IBNS), well known to innovate and eliminate human operation errors, and providing unprecedented reliability with up to 8 years maintenance free operation. Smartstain, setting new industry standards in years to come


The CPK+ 6001 series: Multivendor, Long term solution, Proven track record since 2004, 100% real time communication via USB port, Settings remotely adjustable, Internal clock, Loop Technology, CPK+ and SDK software updates via USB from host (remotely), Complete integration in ATM / SST network possible.



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