cardholdersStay safe when using your card

All cardholders carry out payment transactions and therefore have an interest in payment terminal and transaction security.  While the vast majority of payment transactions are carried out securely and without risk, there are times when your card and PIN can be at risk, if criminals have targeted the terminal you are using.  To minimise the risk of fraud you can help keep your data secure by always protecting your PIN when using an ATM (or any other terminal).

Read our Cardholder Security Tips for more information and view a security info-graphic on ‘How to fight fraud’.

Stay safe online!

stay safe onlineNearly all of us carry out online transactions and cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to make money at our expense. Individuals and organisations often fall prey to fraud through various  social engineering techniques, where the information required is taken from a person (you!) rather than breaking into a system. Awareness is your best defence!

Read general tips to Stay Safe Online

Some key high level security advice to cardholders from the FraudSMART website in Ireland is:

Be Informed: Stay in control, don’t be rushed and make a decision you will regret.

Be Alert: To unexpected/unsolicited emails, telephone calls or texts. Always independently check the person is who they say they are.

Be Secure: Never give your security details such as full banking password, codes/login details, or PIN to anyone


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