Why was EAST created?

EAST was formed in 2004 to improve cross-border cooperation and communication within the Single European Payments Area in the fight against organised cross-border criminals.  Our National Members are committed to gathering information from, and disseminating EAST outputs to, ATM deployers and networks within their countries/regions.  EAST was also created to facilitate international public /private sector cooperation.

Can my organisation join EAST?

Yes, if it is a bank or an approved ATM stakeholder it can join EAST as an Associate Member.  Associate Membership of EAST is open to all banks and approved stakeholder organisations globally.

Can my organisation join EAST as a National Member?

That depends.  EAST National Membership is restricted to one organisation per country and each National Member acts as a national contact point for the ATM industry in their country.  To check if your country is currently represented, check our Directory of National Members.  If your country is currently represented your organisation will not be able to join EAST as a National Member.

If your country is in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and is not currently represented in EAST – and you work for an ATM Deployer or ATM Network – then contact us stating that you wish to join EAST to represent your country.  Your application will then be handled in accordance with the EAST Terms of Reference.

If your country is outside SEPA (and is not already represented) contact us to discuss possible national membership.

How do I contact the person representing a country at EAST?

In order to comply with data protection requirements, EAST does not disclose the names or contact information of its National Members without their consent.  If you wish to contact an EAST country representative send an email to info(at)eas-team.eu. In the email please clearly state your name, your email address and contact telephone number and reason for your request.  Your request will then be passed to the person concerned.

Does EAST supply security products or systems?

No we don’t.  We do produce lists of security products and systems that meet specific needs – and that show the name of the product sellers, but EAST does not endorse or supply any product.  EAST members and subscribers can access our lists of products once they have logged-in.

Does EAST provide advice or consultancy support?

No we don’t, although this is under review.

Does EAST focus on other types of terminal (unattended and POS)?

Yes we do.  While the main focus of EAST is on ATMs, we also focus on all terminals that have a direct impact on crime perpetrated at ATM locations.

Who are the EAST National Members?

EAST National Members are ATM deployers or ATM Networks.  For a complete list see our Directory of National Members.

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