The EAST Expert Group on All Terminal Fraud (EAST EGAF) is a European specialist expert forum for discussion of all Terminal related fraud trends, fraud methodologies and counter-measures, and for the provision of guidelines and other documents for the benefit of the industry and Law Enforcement.

EAST EGAF formulates and co-ordinates joint actions from stakeholders from across the ATM and Payment Terminal industry in Europe (and from outside Europe as required) to share information and best practice, with a view to reducing the levels of related fraud.

The areas to be covered from a terminal fraud perspective include:

  • PIN Security
  • Card Security
  • Transaction Security
  • Protection of the ATM and Payment Terminal against tampering and the placement of unauthorised connections and devices.
  • Discussion on seized criminal devices
  • Promotion of best practice in the technical prevention of crime at ATM and Payment terminal locations
  • Sharing of information relating to the technical prevention of crime at other payment terminal locations

EAST EGAF meets three times each year.  It is a closed group – membership is by invitation only and is restricted to individuals from EAST member organisations (National and Associate).