EAST EGAPThe EAST Expert Group on ATM and ATS Physical Attacks (EAST EGAP) is a European specialist expert forum for discussion of physical attack trends, attack methodologies and counter-measures, threat protection, and for the provision of regularly updated lists of known counter-measures.

EAST EGAP formulates and co-ordinates joint actions from stakeholders from across the industry in Europe (and from outside Europe as required) to share information and best practice, with a view to reducing ATM and ATS related physical attacks.  The areas to be covered from an ATM and ATS security perspective include at a high level.

  • What is happening, i.e. latest incidents and MOs
  • The collection and distribution of best practice guidelines
  • Threats, i.e. new techniques and equipment
  • Solutions
  • Lessons from and on law enforcement, e.g. operations, industry / law enforcement coordination, legal frameworks

Attacks which result in the cardholder directly losing cash (mugging, distraction theft) are out of scope.

EAST EGAP meets twice each year.  It is a closed group – membership is by invitation only and is restricted to individuals from EAST member organisations (National and Associate).

The Group also holds open seminars, details of which can be found on the EAST Events page on this website.  The latest lists of Manufacturers of ATM Protective Devices published by EAST can be found on the Stained Banknotes page (bottom of page) on this website. A paper on ATM Physical Attack Prevention published by Europol and the EUCPN can be downloaded here.