The chart below shows the current ATM numbers for Europe. EAST also provides summary data for POS Terminal numbers in Europe.

ATM Numbers Europe

EAST estimates that there are 367,941 ATMs in Europe, a 2% decrease from the 2021 total.  European ATM numbers have been steadily falling since 2016.  EAST estimates that there are 169,131 ATMs in Brazil; 112,190 ATMs in Indonesia; 68,515 ATMs in Canada; 58,704 ATMs in Mexico; 52,237 ATMs in Turkey; 31,000 ATMs in South Africa; 28,229 ATMs in Ukraine; and 3,144 ATMs in Serbia, which are not shown in these totals.

The European breakdown by country is below.


In many European countries ATM numbers are falling as non-cash payments increase and cash payments decline. The chart below compares the ATM total in each country with the number of inhabitants – this shows that the number of ATMs per 10,000 people ranges from 12.8 to 2.1

EMV (also known as Chip and PIN) is a standard for the interoperation of smart cards and enabled POS terminals and ATM’s, for authenticating credit and debit card payments. The name EMV comes from the initial letters of Europay, MasterCard and VISA, the three companies which originally cooperated to develop the standard.  For ATM EMV compliance numbers in each country see EMV Numbers 31-12-2012.  EAST stopped collecting this data at the end of 2012.

EMV Numbers 31-12-2012