CDC Device Location Terminology and ATM Fraud Definitions

Terminology for locations of CDC Devices at ATMs and ATM Fraud DefinitionsThe EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud (EGAF) has updated its guidelines on standardising terminology for locations of Card Data Compromise (CDC) devices at ATMs and also the definitions used to report and classify ATM fraud.  The new information can be found on the EAST website on the pages Terminology for locations of CDC Devices at ATMs and ATM Crime Definitions.  EAST has made this information publicly available to promote the usage of both the location terminology and the ATM fraud definitions worldwide, in order to assist the industry and law enforcement agencies to consistently classify all CDC devices, and to standardise definitions used when reporting ATM crime.

The document ‘Standardisation of Terminology for locations of Card Data Compromise devices at ATMs’ has been updated; a  new location has been added – D3. Card Reader Internal Skimming Device – and several other minor amendments have also been made.  This terminology is used in all EAST ATM Fraud Alerts and Fraud Updates and anyone in the industry or law enforcement finding a CDC device at an ATM is encouraged to use the terminology when making a report.  The document is available for download on the EAST Intranet to EAST members (National and Associate),

EAST EGAF will host a breakout session on Day One of the EAST Financial Crime and Security (FCS) Forum which will be held in The Hague on 8th/9th June 2017.

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