The EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud - LogoThe Eleventh Meeting of the EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud (EAST EGAF) took place on Wednesday 28th September 2016 at ING Domestic Bank in Amsterdam.

EAST EGAF is a regional expert group that focuses on regional and global ATM crime and fraud related issues, threats and counter-measures.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Otto de Jong and was attended by key representatives from ATM Deployers, ATM Networks, ATM Vendors, Security Equipment Vendors, Law Enforcement and Forensic Analysts.

EAST EGAF, which meets three times a year in advance of each of the meetings of EAST National Members, enables in-depth and technical discussion to take place on ATM Skimming, ATM Card Trapping, ATM Cash Trapping, ATM Reversal Fraud and ATM Logical Fraud.

The focus of EAST EGAF is on topics and issues raised by EAST National Members, which represent 34 countries with a total deployment of 1,332,228 ATMs. Outputs from the group are presented to all meetings of EAST National Members.

In addition EAST EGAF generates EAST ATM Fraud Alerts for all EAST Members (National and Associate). In total 115 EAST ATM Fraud Alerts have been issued, 40 to date in 2016.