e-commerce fraud

Payment Fraud TerminologyThe below terminology is used by the EAST Payments Task Force when producing Payment Alerts and other documents.  The aim is for this terminology to be adopted globally when describing or reporting payment and transaction fraud.

For a definition of each term under the ‘Main Classification’ and ‘Sub-Sets’ headings, see the Payment Fraud Definitions page on this website.

EAST also publishes Terminology for the Location of Fraudulent Devices and Terminal Fraud and Crime Definitions.

Main ClassificationSub-Sets
Social Engineering• Phishing - Spear Phishing
• Vishing
• Smishing
• Shoulder Surfing
Data Compromise• Data Breach
• CPP – Common Purchase Point
• Fake Website
• Fake App
Authentication Fraud• Account Takeover Fraud
• First Party(Friendly) Fraud
• Identity Spoofing (or hacking)
Technological Fraud• Malware
• Ransomware
• MITM – Man-in-the-Middle attack
• DoS - Denial of Service attack
• BIN Attack
• Transaction Manipulation
Payment Fraud• CNP – Card Not Present
• CP – Card Present
• Merchant Fraud
• Virtual Currency Fraud