National & Global Fraud Intelligence sharing – 6th Interim EAST Meeting

The sixth Interim Meeting of EAST National and Global Members took place on Wednesday 9th February 2022 as a virtual meeting. The meeting was chaired by Thomas Von der Gathen from Payment Services Austria (PSA).  The key focus was on the sharing of global, regional, and national, payment and terminal fraud intelligence.

Law enforcement overviews were provided by Europol, the Gulf Cooperation Council Police (GCCPOL), and the United States Secret Service (USSS).  An update was provided from Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) on various fraud types and a presentation from Europol’s Organised Property Crime Unit covered recent Physical ATM attacks across Europe.  The GCCPOL presentation covered payment and fraud issues seen by their 6 member countries focussing on Technological Fraud (crimes committed using different forms/types of machines and technology) and Non-Technological Fraud (conducted directly against the victim). The USSS update covered card fraud and recent man-in-the-middle black box attacks.

Private sector fraud intelligence updates were received from 28 countries, either directly or via regional/global updates by Citi, HSBC and Worldline.  Regional Updates were also provided for ASP, MENA and LATAM. Each update covered Fraud Types, Fraud Origin, Due Diligence and Physical Attacks (ATM, ATS and CIT).  The importance of raising consumer awareness to counter the rising threats related to social engineering remains a key issue, particularly for elderly people.

EAST Fraud Update 1-2022 will be produced early next month, based on the country updates provided at the Interim EAST Meeting.  EAST Fraud, Payment and Physical Attack Alerts are available on the EAST Intranet to EAST Members.

The next meeting of this group, scheduled for 16th June 2022, will hopefully be the 1st EAST Global Congress, which is planned as Hybrid Meeting.  This is dependant on the prevailing travel situation at that time, and the meeting will revert to a virtual Interim Meeting if required.

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