Viewpoint: Cardholder Awareness

ATM Security2In an EAST website research poll that ran from January to April 2015 respondents were asked the question ‘How often do you see fraud warnings and fraud prevention messages displayed on ATMs in your country?’

39% answered ‘Frequently’, 30% ‘Occasionally, 17% ‘Rarely’, and 14% ‘Never’!

EAST Research Poll - Jan to Apr 15

While the vast majority of ATM transactions are carried out securely and without risk, there are times when your card and PIN can be at risk, if criminals have targeted the ATM (or other terminal) you are using. EAST has published Cardholder Security Tips to help make cardholders aware of what they can do to mitigate the risks.

When using an ATM it can be helpful to have to have fraud warnings and fraud prevention messages displayed as reminders of what actions you can take to protect your card and PIN. One of the most important is to cover your PIN when making a transaction.

The current website research poll, which closes at the end of this month, is on contactless transactions and asks the question – ‘What impact do you think that contactless transactions will have on cash withdrawals and payments?’ To take it, and to see all past results, visit the ATM Research Page on this website, or click on the button below.

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