Viewpoint: Has your payment card been compromised and , if so, where?

In a website research poll that ran from January to April 2017 cardholders who had had a payment card compromised were asked if they knew where the compromise took place. 33% of respondents answered ‘during an online transaction’, 14% ‘at an ATM’, 14% ‘at a petrol (gas) station’ ,10% ‘due to a data breach’. and 5% ‘at a merchant terminal’.  24% did not know where the compromise took place. The poll results can be seen in the chart below.


How safe you feel as a cardholder when making a card-based payment transaction is of paramount concern to the industry.  The EAST Payments Task Force (EPTF) is focusing on payment research.

The current website research poll, which closes at the end of August is on ATM fraud and asks what you feel is the biggest fraud risk to the ATM channel over the next few years?  To take it, and to see all past results, visit the ATM Research Page on this website.

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