Terminal Physical Attack Definitions updated by EAST EGAP

Terminal Physical Attack Definitions & TerminologyWorking with Europol, EAST has published simplified Terminal Physical Attack Definitions and Terminology to help the industry and law enforcement when reporting attacks against ATMs and other terminals.  A Workgroup of EAST EGAP members (private sector and Europol) created new attack definitions and a reporting template that can be shared with law enforcement and the industry.  This was presented to the 19th EAST EGAP Meeting held at Europol on 23rd March 2023 and has just been published.

The terminal types covered are broadly classified as:

  • ATM – Automated Teller Machine
  • ATS – Automated Teller Safe (also known as a Teller Cash Dispenser or TCD)

The aim is for these simplified physical attack definitions and terminology to be adopted globally by the industry and law enforcement when describing or reporting physical attacks on terminals.  A copy of the document is available here.

EAST Members (Global, National, Associate) can find a copy of the definitions with a ‘Reporting Summary’ on the EAST Intranet (log-in required).

EAST EGAP is a European specialist expert forum for discussion of ATM, ATS and CIT related physical attack trends, attack methodologies and counter-measures, threat protection, and for the provision of regularly updated lists of manufacturers of ATM protective devices. The latest lists can be downloaded from the ‘Stained Banknotes’ page on this website (bottom of page).

The Group meets twice each year to enable in-depth and technical discussion to take place. The areas covered include:

  • The latest incidents and criminal MOs
  • The collection and distribution of best practice guidelines
  • The evolution of threats and counter-measures
  • Lessons from and on law enforcement

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