Europol publishes Italian language version of ATM Logical Attack Guidelines

ATM Logical Attack Guidelines - Italian LanguageEuropol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) has just published an Italian language version of guidelines to help industry and law enforcement counter the ATM Logical Attack threat.  The English version of the updated document was officially launched at the 1st EAST Global Congress, which took place on Thursday 16th June 2022 at Europol’s HQ in The Hague.  The document is now available in English and Italian.  Work on versions in other languages is in progress.

The production of this document was coordinated by EAST EGAF.  It has three sections:

  1. Description of Modi Operandi (Descrizione dei Modi Operandi)
  2. Mitigating the risk of ATM Logical Attacks, Setting up Lines of Defence (Mitigazione del Rischio di Attacchi Logici Agli ATM, Creazione di Linee di Difesa)
  3. Identifying and responding to Logical Attacks (Identificazione e Risposta agli Attacchi Logici)

This latest version has many updates including improved advice on lines of defence and countermeasures, and a direct link (QR code) to the countermeasures published by EAST.

The original ATM Logical Attack Guidelines were published in 2015, with a first update in 2018.  They have been acknowledged as being of great value by both the industry and law enforcement, and the low success rate of ATM logical attack levels in Europe can no doubt be attributed to the fact that this guidance has been widely followed.

Circulation of the document is restricted to Law Enforcement and to the banking and payments industry, which includes EAST Members (National, Global, and Associate).

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